Company is a italian company, composed by professional staff and specialized in the stainless steel processing sector. Every day the company works hard to research and develop modern technologies, think up news ideas, create high quality products and find solutions for tailored productions.

In 2002 the Company enters the Italian market with the production of cooker hoods and kitchen accessories. Nowadays, thanks to the the commitment and the technical expertise we can develop tailored projects and be always in line with the aestethical and functional trends of the market.
Over time we had satisfactory results in a market that has continuous evolutions and always looks for the best quality/price rate.
We invested in highly qualified staff and machinery with advanced technology, improving our production process, guaranteeing quality and speed in realizing our products at a very competitive price.

Lav.In is well positioned in the Italian and foreign markets.
Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions: we would be pleased to offer you our best products.

Lav-In has a ISO 9001:2008 certification to guarantee a better quality and more reliability in the Italian and foreing markets.

We believe in the continuous training and education of our staff, and in the importance of monitoring our production process.