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Modern Hoods
Modern Hoods

COOKER HOODS is an Italian company, specialized in the stainless steel processing sector.
It produces wall-mounted, island and built-in cooker hoods, also develops for furnishing and design.
Currently, in addition to the more modern line of kitchen hoods, we offer an extensive line of classical kitchen hoods in painted steel, also available in any RAL colours of your choice and in carved or plain solid wood; We now offer the opportunity to choose the option of having a motif painted on the hood of your choice, to decorate with style your kitchen area, with the harmony and beauty of a painting selected for you by skilled artists.

Our success is made of passion, energy and a continuous study of the Italian and foreign markets.

We remain available for any requests you may have and we aim to always provide you with the best possible products, with our guaranteed quality of Made in Italy.

Classic Hoods
Classic Hoods


  1. Wall model
  2. Island model
  3. Corner model
  4. Built-in model, when the hood is fixed in a hanging

Version: Suction or filtering. In the first case, the air taken in by the hood is evacuated outside, and this is certainty the most effective solution. In the second case the air taken in by rather returned to the environment after being purified through active charcoal filters. In both case the conduit must have the condign diameter (at least 120mm) and in the case of connection with the outside, it shouldn’t be overly long and winding, this will affect the performances.

Suction power. The other consideration must concern the size of the environment in which the hood  will be installed and the frequency with which it will be used. Suction power is express in m3/h. For small kitchens are sufficient hoods with performance up to 500 m3/h, whilst for medium or large kitchens are advisable hoods with performance starting from 600 m3/h.

 Dimension. To choose is important to consider the hood size, avoiding to choose models too small respect to the dimension of the hob beneath.

For some of the hood models there is the possibility of having as the optional radio frequency remote control and the charcoal filter.



INSTALLATION: The hood must be installed at a minimum distance of 65 cm. from the cooking top, except for special cases. ATTENTION: the product guarantee will not be considered valid if this distance is not respected. The hood may not reach declared performance levels if the distance from the cooking top exceeds 75 cm.

All information for a correct  installation can be found in the instruction booklet that is inside all of our packaging.

USE: For an ideal use, switch on the hood a few minutes before you start cooking food. Use low speed for cooking that emits weak odors and vapors, while the high speeds are required for cooking that emits strong odors and vapors. It is advisable to keep the hood on even after cooking to make sure that all the vapors and odors are extracted.

Always unplug or disconnect the product from the electricity before carrying out any maintenance work.


  • Anti-grease filter (protects the motor from grease damage). The metals anti-grease filters should be washed by hand or in the dishwasher (at low temperatures if they are in aluminum) every two months. It is better to wash the filters on its own. It’s important to make periodic maintenance of the filters for an effective use of the hood and because the fat that is deposited on them is inflammable.
  • Charcoal filter. The carbon filters should be applied only when the hood is installed in filtering version, and act as real air purifiers. They can’t be washed or regenerated and must be replaced periodically.

The saturation of the activated charcoal depends more or less prolonged use of the appliance, by the type of cooking and the regularity with which it is carried out to clean the grease filter.


The hood must be cleaned immediately after installation and the removal of the protective film in order to eliminate any glue residues, prints and other potential impurities.                                     

The hood must be cleaned regularly and carefully, both inside and out.

Never allow dirt to accumulate on the interior or exterior surfaces of the hood.

  • Remove impurities with a damp sponge and a small amount of neutral soap
  • Rinse with a damp cloth
  • Dry with a soft cloth, if the hood is in stainless steel, follow the steel brushing
  • Clean the internal hood conduit once a year

NB: Acid-based cleaning products can damage hood surfaces . USE ONLY NEUTRAL CLEANERS.





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    1. Is better a hood in version suction or filtering?
      The hood in filtering version with exhaust pipes, is more powerful and therefore should be preferred.
    2. How can I clean the hood? 
      To clean the hood, it is strictly recommended to use products with a neutral pH, warm water and non-abrasive sponge.
    3. How often should I wash the metal grease filters? 
      The metal grease filters must be washed at least every month with hot water and detergent (in a dishwasher). The filters can become discolored after a few washes. This is normal and does not mean that they need to be replaced.
    4. How often should I replace the charcoal filters? 
      If present (hood installed in recirculating mode), the charcoal filters must not be washed and should be replaced 2 or 3 times a year in accordance with the use of the hood.
    5. Where I find the product number and the year of the manufacture? 
      The product code and the manufacture year are written on the silver label attached on the inner wall of the product.
    6. I need technical support, who can I call ? 
      S.e.r. S.r.l.  + 39 0372 / 1786201
    7. What should I do if my hood is not sucking or it sucks not much? 
      You have to understand if the problem results from the hood itself or, as often happens, from an improper installation. If the hood is in duct our mode, you have to disconnect the exhaust pipes from the hood, turn on the fan and check with a hand if the air comes out from the hood. If you feel that the air comes out, the problem must be solved by analyzing the installation. If the hood is in recirculation mode, you have to remove the charcoal filters, turn on the fan and check whether the suction is now satisfactory. Charcoal filters can reduce by 30% the performance of the hood.
    8. Some lights flash on the hood, should I call the technical support? 
      Our products are equipped with electronic controls that warn, by flashing the lights, the necessity to clean the metal grease filters or to replace any charcoal filters. These notices must be reset after their appearance or they will be present at any switch off of the product. To reset them, comply with the instructions manual.
    9. The hood is too noisy
      If the noise is mechanical, remove any pipe connected to the hood and check that anything dropped inside the motor that could comes into contact with the fan blades. If the noise is not mechanical, disconnect, if present, the duct out pipes from the hood, turn on the fan and check if the situation improves. If it improves the problem can be solved by analyzing the installation. If the hood is in recirculation mode, remove the charcoal filters and see if the situation improves. A louder noise is normal with charcoal filters installed.
    10. The hood produces drops on the lower surface and on filters
      The condensation creates especially when the hood is installed above an induction hob. This is a physical phenomenon and it is not due to a bad functioning of the product. Unlike the gas hob, the induction heats only the pots with food and not the surrounding air, so the surfaces of the hood remain cool. When the hot cooking fumes rise, they meet the cold surfaces of the hood, and then releasing the moisture in the air that turns quickly into water droplets.
    11. On my hood appeared  evidence of oxidation or rust 
      The presence of oxidation or rust cannot come from the corrosion of steel but from external objects or agents that affect the surface. We recommend to clean the hood with cream cleansers suitable for steel by means of a soft damp cloth and wipe gently.
    12. Where I can buy the accessorizes?
      You can buy the accessorizes of your hood directly by our website.