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Kitchen range hoods
– 2017 SERIES

The launch of the 2017 hoods collection has come! Starting from today, once per month, we are going to unveil each of our new products.


As a distinctive sample, we chose Slate, a very ornamental model whose features are elegance and simplicity. Furthermore, this hood is capable to add value to the whole kitchen thanks to its frontal panel in porcelain stoneware.


There are six different stoneware finishes available, which have been selected to perfectly match the present taste in architecture and interior design.


With Slate you can choose either to match the hood with the kitchen countertop and furniture or to play on the contrast of different colours and materials.

Find out more on Slate,
visiting the dedicated page.

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The two peculiar traits of our new models are probably the elegant and minimal design and the chance for the client to choose between all the different available finishes. In fact, the hoods are available in satin stainless steel or in black/white painting, with finishes ranging from glass, porcelain gres and concrete.

In addition, thanks to the use of up-to-date technologies, all our hoods are quiet, reliable and power-saving, while being handy and effective in aspiration power.

This is because our main goal is both to bring a true piece of finest design while preserving the functionality and the ease of use of the product, all in order guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.

Since each person has his own taste in fact of style, design, colours and materials, it is normal for each house to be different one from another. Therefore, nowadays is not uncommon for the customer to request a piece of furniture or an appliance which could suit his kitchen perfectly: for instance, a nice design couldn’t fit the colour or the material,or viceversa.

This is why each of our incoming hoods comes with a wide selection of finishes, most of whom never seen on this kind of appliance.

Keeping that in mind, our team of architects and designer chose two materials, stoneware and concrete, which popularity is swiftly increasing in the latest interior design fashion:

  • porcelain stoneware: available on the Slate, Shelf and Flap models, this panel comes in 6 different finishes resembling natural stone (marble, granite, slate) and white plasterwork


  • aestethic ultra-high-performance concrete (UHPC): available on the Wire, Wireframe and Swing models, this concrete is an original patent from Lav.in-The Italian Lab, specifically improved for better hygienic properties and environmental condition resistance, as well as for a superior plasticity, which allows the creation of almost any kind of surface finishing. Our UHPC can even be painted while still in the mixing phase, for a superior colour output. Of course, these models are also available in the basic finishes: satin stainless steel and black or white painting.

The concrete finish will be available from the next September.

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