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It opens with our model Slate
the debut of our 2017 series


The first model we would like to present on this page is Slate, a minimal yet elegant hood characterized by a satin stainless steel frame and a frontal panel in porcelain stoneware.

Its sharp angles, the folded profiles of the frame and the sloping surface of the panel, each element concurs in creating a balanced and dynamic sensation. Thanks to its futuristic shape and to the combination of satin steel and natural-looking finishes, this hood is best suitable for very modern kitchens of superior design. On the other side, the important size of the frontal panel and the beauty of the hood itself recommend its location in wide spaces, with neural colours and few suspended cabinets.

In fact, the hood has become a major decorative furniture, being nowadays in many cases the sole occupant of the top half of the kitchen (e.g., in open-plan kitchens), and being required to be functional and aesthetically pleasant while suffering continuous heat, steam and oily vapours.

No-panel version

Do you like Slate but our finishes do not fit the materials/colours of your kitchen?
Don’t worry!


The three models Slate, Flap and Shelf are available in a frame-version only, allowing the use of an already existing panel. Our technical staff will provide you all the necessary specs, such as dimensions and assembly instructions.


The tilted panel on the front not only has a cosmetic purpose, but also funnels the cooking vapours through the side filters of the hood.


The hood itself is equipped with a powerful LED lamp in opaline glass, which provides a smooth, elegant light.


Even the two materials selected, the stainless steel and the porcelain stoneware, are able to merge beauty and performance. In fact, both steel and stoneware are renowned for their waterproofness and their mechanical and antibacterial properties.

Here it is the selection of the 6 finishes provided for the porcelain stoneware panel, carefully chosen on the basis of the most recent trends in interior design:

Plaster: White lime
Marble: Black greek, Diamond cream, Orobic grey
Natural stone: Granite Grey from Savoy, Charcoal black from Savoy

Technical specifications

The hood comes with a blower of a power of either 600 or 800 m3/h, while the lighting is provided from a rectangular 6W LED lamp.

Wall installation only, available with or without chimney.



Our Silk model comes with a velvet-looking panel in black curbed glass, which is further enhanced by the combination of lancet and straight lines of the stainless steel frame.


The purpose of this hood is to decorate your kitchen in a solid and modest way, while disclosing its high-end once the tilting door is up.


After the cooking, the frontal glass can be shut to bring the hood back to its original shape and overall dimensions.

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