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Ethical Code

With regard to business and economic dynamics and needs, the fundamental values of Lav-in include that of corporate ethics, through which the company conveys a message of loyalty, fairness and respect in line with the entire Group and is a benchmark in the social context in which it operates.

The Ethical Code contains ethical principles and general rules, which, like its legal, regulatory and contractual ones, define the organisation and activities of Lav-in.



Legislative Decree n. 231/2001 introduced, into the Italian legal framework, a system regarding the administrative liability of companies for certain criminal offences committed in their interest or to their benefit by persons in top positions or persons subject to their management or supervision.

In order to ensure the prevention of crimes covered by that decree, Lav-in has adopted its own model of organisation, management and control.

Lav-in has set up a Supervisory Body, endowed with the autonomous powers of initiative and control, responsible for supervising the functioning and observance of the organisational model and promoting its periodical updating.