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Nautical and Civil Bathrooms

Our division specialises in producing pre-fabricated modular bathrooms for the nautical sector and offers an all-inclusive service, from concept creation to assembly and installation.

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Mass production from an idea

Starting with the customer’s requests, we design a unique customised bathroom and then proceed to mass production. We always know how to find the most convenient and effective solution to mass-produce your bathrooms: tailor-made, with the best value for money.

Safety and efficiency

Before giving the go ahead, we test the electric and hydraulic systems on each of our bathroom pods so we can speed up their collocation on site and avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

A single partner

By choosing La-vin as a supplier you avoid any waste in the resources required to coordinate various suppliers, as you will have a single partner for the design and implementation phases, and for managing all purchased components.

Savings and convenience

The use of industrial production technologies and the indoor pre-assembly of pods and modules allow considerable savings in terms of materials and in resource and labour management compared to the construction of a traditional masonry bathroom.

Time frames halved

Production times for a pre-fabricated bathroom are almost halved compared to direct construction on site.

Easy transport and management

The management of one or more pre-assembled modules on site is much more convenient than the coordination of orders, logistics and installation of the various materials and accessories involved. This avoids possible inconveniences, which may compromise or postpone the completion of the project.

Mechanical and technical inspections

All our bathroom pods are tested for structural tightness of load-bearing elements and for the watertightness of floors and walls so that they can be quickly installed on site.

Modular construction

Depending on requirements, a bathroom can be built as a single module or as several separate modules. When required, several modules can be placed side by side to compose large bathroom pods. Alternatively, standard modules can be aligned with other customised ones so that different compositions can always be created.



Materials such as porcelain stoneware and other agglomerates are used for claddings and washbasin tops due to their technical and hygienic characteristics and their resistance to chemical agents.


Thanks to our vast network of suppliers, we can propose the best solution to meet customers' requests. We are therefore able to guarantee the best aesthetic performance combined with the necessary requirements of safety and mechanical and hydraulic resistance.


Large spaces, elegant finishes and excellent sanitary ware: these are the main features of a luxury bathroom.

Our technical experts can offer solutions to optimise space and guarantee comfortable and proper use of the bathroom.

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